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Date:  12-17-2013
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  Ch 2
Brief Description:  Wingtip and flaperons consoles.

I had a good friend over, i needed another set of hands and i got it, plastic wingtip got attached with some fiddeling.
The flat back alu piece was not the easy to get a good fit, afterall was done i angled the upper edges a bit in to make look allot nicer.

Like everything with this project, you do it once ok, next time you do it perfect, sadly im only building one aircraft.

Consoles for flaperons attached, this was very hard to get the airgun in so had to handrivet all parts except the big center console, only made one failure, had to up one size one one rivet a4- a5, when removing a rivet, do it with full revs when drilling other wise drill can wander off.

Still cant figure out where the other fueltank vent should go, i only got one hole for the other tank and ICP is as usual really slow to answer.
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