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Date:  12-7-2013
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  Ch 2 & 24
Brief Description:  Lowerskin and fueltanks.

Lower skin was riveted were i could, since i cant close the wing up i can just assemble upper and lower skin and leave front skin off, EAA inpector needs to see into the wing.

Fueltanks needed supports installed underneeth but to find the right position i need to put the upper skin on for the fuel caps so i get it aligned so i cant fasten it from underneath.

Still cant decide on what way to arange the fuel lines,

1. A pump from the outher tank to the inner to refill inner tank, which means more hoses more electrical and couplings.
2. Two fuel lines that goes out from the wing from each tank, outer tanks have a simple valve in the cabin to turn it on when i need to switch to outer tanks, no electrics that can fail, just wondering, the fuel line nipples on outer tanks seem rather small.
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