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Date:  11-20-2016
Number of Hours:  25.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Flight and follow up.

First flight of the Aircraft has happenned and at the time of writing 2018 i have flewn 26 hours.

Video of first flight you can find here,

First flight ended quickly when i blew the alternator fuse, that resulted to change into a bigger battery 18aH. a few flights after that i had som ECU issues that made me land without engine power twice safely at the base.
Ecu was replaced to Dual ECU in Belgium and now that works, after that i had a valve guide loosen, that was also fixed in Belgium.

I see that as a part of testing a new aircraft, since then i have done 20 hours flight,

Cruise speed is 74 knots, a few more knots wouldnt hurt.

Thank you and good bye.
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