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Sarah's Personal Cruiser
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Date:  5-6-2019
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  N/A
Brief Description:  Stratux Do-It-Yourself ABS-B Receiver/AHRS

With too much time on my hands and the project in storage in another city I decided to do some experimentation with the new Do It Yourself ADS-B In system from Stratux. I have an iPhone 8+ that I can load app's into so I am going to try out a few such as Attitude Indicator and Moving Map types to see how they function in a terrestrial mode. This impressive array of hardware cost the magnificent sum of $126.37 through, avionics dealer to the masses. Considering what is available at such low cost I would say it is easy to see why there has been an explosion of ASB-D In units available on the market. You can also get one of these units already assembled and tested for around $240 so either way they represent a good offering.

1) This picture shows all of the components are laid out for inspection. They are on an appropriate ESD safe mat since they are out of their protective sleeves and can be easily damaged even by a static charge so slight that I would not feel the discharge. You will notice that the battery does not actually go int the case, it is attached to the outside and passes the energy like a cell phone charger that does not require an actual wired connection.

2) The fully assembled unit with the case still open to show what it looks like.

3) The unit powered up and interfaced to the XYZ app running on my cell phone. The accelerations and other AHRS data such as altitude and airspeed (actually calculated true airspeed) have been verified by a ride in the car. The attitude is easy enough to test by just moving the Stratux unit about its three axis’s.
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The Components

The Components

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