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Date:  5-20-2013
Number of Hours:  0.80
Manual Reference:  33-8.1>5
Brief Description:  Baggage Bulkhead Channel, Forward Top Skin

1312 - 1400

Cleco forward end of right baggage cover in place. Apparently, the cover is supposed to be riveted to the bulkhead with the plate nuts. The QB fuselage kit has the plate nuts riveted to the bulkhead already. This will leave the front flange of the cover to be secured by the 4 screws. I will check with Van's, but I think this will be fine, and therefore will not drill out all of the plate nut rivets.

Cleco top of baggage bulkhead channel to F-1006.

Cleco bottom of channel to bellcrank rib.

Rivet bottom of channel using p-squeezer and 3x gun.

Cleco forward top skin to structure.
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