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Bobs Ten
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Date:  10-14-2017
Number of Hours:  2.60
Manual Reference:  FF-2
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling

1430 - 1654

Begin the process of trimming the front baffles to fit the cowl.

I laid the cowl into position and made several rough cuts to get the size closer.

I then used a 3/4" roller guide that I fabricated for the wheel pants. Putting a sharpie in the middles of the guide and rolling it along the inner surface of the cowl generated a 3/4" offset from the cowl on the baffling. The cowl was then removed, baffling trimmed and deburred.

The top cowl was then installed, fit verified, and another line was generated using the roller guide.

The process was then repeated. I am getting close to the point where I will need to remove less than 3/4" at a time.
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