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Date:  10-11-2019
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  Sect 7-1
Brief Description:  Wing Spar Nut Plates

Today I finished countersinking the wing spar platenuts for rivets. I decided to break this task up into three parts.

1) Countersink the flange for rivets
2) Rivet on the nut plates
3) Countersink the Flanges for the screws

I was able to get through steps 1 and 2. I finished all the rivet countersinks on both spars and also did the wing inspection panel platenuts and the wing root nutplates. After countersinking the all the holes I used the pneumatic squeezer to install the rivets.

It wasn't until later (read: too late) that I thought twice about priming the rivet countersinks. At first I dismissed the utility of this because in the countersinks will be sitting annodized rivets I assume that will provide a measure of protection. But I'm a little paranoid about corrosion. I briefly talked to Vans about tis and of course, they were a bit ambivalent. After sleeping on it, I think I'm just going to have to be fine with it, I don't forsee corrosion being a problem, and I only countersunk a small portion of the spar. But this incident reinforces my desire to slow down and work more methodically. I think this oversight may be a by product of rushing and the foul weather that has been blocking the ability to prime as soon as I am done with the step. I would have felt better if I'd primed the holes, but I'm going to have to chalkl this up to a lesson learned. I'm not going to pull 256 rivets just to prime the countersinks. I'd be better off simply buying new wing spars.
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