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Marks RV-9 build Site
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Date:  8-31-2013
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Panel paint and front skin

Spent the first half of the day painting the panel. I used a neighbors paint booth and used epoxy promer and then blue base coat. Used wet transfer stickers for labeling. I had ordered these from Stein and found out halfway through the process that they were not scaled properly. I cut some of them up and made due. Then spayed with a clearcoat using a flattener aditive to keep the glare down.
Last half of the day I returned home an did a little more riveting of the forward skin. Then I final drilled the windscreen and countersunk. Taped the holes in the rollbar that I had already drilled. Screwed the windscreen in to place and added 4 clips to hold in place.
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