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Marks RV-9 build Site
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Date:  10-20-2013
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  More assembly and cowl paint

Installed the new Lynx tail springs. Ran the engine and did my first mag check. Taxied around a little and having tail springs makes taxiing nice and easy. When I let the engine idle it died and would not restart. Troubleshooting I found the Pmag fuses blown. I had used 1 amp fuses and they need 3 amp fuses. Did another run and things are fine. Leveled he fuse and did another fuel flow test. This time I had bubbles until I added restriction to the system and then the bubbles went away. I appears it is vapor not air and it is not a problem. Ran the tanks dry so I could do a good weight and balance. Went home and worked on the cowl.
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