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Date:  7-8-2017
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Antenna cables and securing wires

Fabricated the antenna cable for the transponder. Terminated the antenna end with a BNC connector. Installed the cable on the antenna. routed it to the transponder and trimmed it to length. Terminated the transponder end with a TNC connector.

Cut the ADS-B receiver antenna to length and terminated one end with a BNC connector. Installed it on the receiver with a 90 degree adapter and routed the cable along the wire bundle to the antenna.

Spent the rest of the day installing Adel clamps and BACN10GH3 nut plates. Doesn't seem like much but it took a long time to determine the best location of each and the one to support the main wire bundle where it goes through the F807 bulkhead needed a shim under the BACN10GH3 and a spacer between the BACN10GH3 and the Adel clamp.

Started to work out the routing of the pitot-static lines
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