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Date:  12-28-2020
Number of Hours:  15.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Baffles part 1

Removed the RH magneto to check the threads on the P-mag stud. The threads are definitely stripped at the point where the nut sits when the ring terminal is in place. I’m not sure it I stripped it when I installed it or if it was that way when I got it. The mags had been rebuilt by Kelly Aerospace.

I ran a die down the stud to clean the threads up but there’s not enough material there and the nut will not tighten. I will most likely send the mag back to Kelly Aerospace to have it repaired.

Started work on the engine baffles (…and I thought I was done with sheet metal work…). Match drilling, deburring etc the parts for the #4 cylinder which includes the support parts for the oil cooler which bolts to the baffles.
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