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Jeremy Balentines RV-8
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Date:  11-13-2014
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Flap work / Left top wing skin riveting

I started today with bending the FL-706B to a 6.3 degree angle for the left and rigt flap. Once that was done I celeoed everyting back together for one last check that everyting was aligned and fit perfect. Everything looked great so I dissassembled everyting on the left and right flaps.

I finished te edges, deburred the holes, scuffed, and dimpled all the pieces of the left flap. Unfortunately, I screwed up and put the dimple die through a hole and elongated the hole and found some stress cracks. Instead of altering the rib I just decided to order a new rib. I prepped the rest of the pieces and primed the appropriate parts. I'll pause on the left flap and start getting the right flap up to this point. I also have a trip coming up so by the time I get back that rib should be here.

Grant showed up and we knocked out riveting the top skins on the left wing. Everything went perfect and we knocked it out in record time.

Tomorrow my dad is coming so that we can tear down the wing stands and make the new wing stands.
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