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Jeremy Balentines RV-8
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Date:  10-27-2014
Number of Hours:  6.00
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Brief Description:  Sealing the rear baffle of the left tank

After a lot of procrastinating on the fuel tanks, I've reached the point where I need to finish them. The last step is to seal and rivet the rear baffle along with the Z-brackets and seal of the access hole. After all the mating surfaces were cleaned, a 3/8 inch bead of sealant was placed on the internal side of the rivet line that will attach the rear baffle. Also along each flange there was a glob of sealant placed on each hole. On the outer edge rib flanges there was a bead of sealant applied. In each corner of the baffle there was a large glob of sealant applied. This tends to be a common leak point. Once all the sealant is in place, everyting is checked for the 1000 th time. The rear baffle is put into position and acts as a squeegy to form a seal around the baffle. A cleco was placed into each hole and everyting was made sure to be tight. Z brackets #2 - #6 were sealed and blind riveted into their appropriate place and the end Z brackets were sealed and riveted using standard AN470 rivets. Then the spanwise row of rivets on the top and bottom were squeezed. The access plate and cork gasket ring was then sealed and screwed into place. Each rivet except for the flush rivets received a glob of sealant to ensure no leaks.
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