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Date:  5-16-2009
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wing Rib #5

This morning I built another rib. My quality is consistent. I don't think there is much room to improve on that. However, I do have a couple of questions about technique.

First, I read in the manual not to have a glue-starved joint. To avoid this, I apply a layer of epoxy that almost always provides at least a little squeeze. Usually not much but if I look from the side, I can see a glistening line form around the edge of the gusset as I apply pressure and staple the gusset in place.

Second, after I apply the layer of epoxy to the cap strip, I lay the gusset on it without much pressure. Just enough pressure (I hope) to make sure the epoxy contacts the gusset everywhere it is supposed to. However, I don't apply enough pressure to keep the "squeeze" pushing out the edges. I let the gusset rest like that for several minutes while I apply epoxy to the next several joints. Once all of the epoxy is in place, and all of the gussets are in place and nestled down onto the rib, then I come back and staple the gussets in place. I have to apply pressure here to get the gussets to come down to the cap strip and this is when I usually get some squeeze. I'm hoping that by letter the gussets sit on the epoxy for a period of time before applying pressure, the epoxy will soak into the cap strips and gussets. Can anyone tell me if this is good technique of if I need to do something differently?

Regarding my quest to gain efficeincy... the only way left to get the time per rib down is to build more than one per build session so my time in transit, my cleanup time, and my fiddling around time when I get there and leave are spread across multiple ribs instead of spending that time on every rib.
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