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Date:  5-9-2009
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Step 5 of Rib Building - routing the edges

When making ribs, it inevitable that the gussets will extend past the edge of the cap strip just a smidge. Since filing them by hand lends itself to lots of builder error, I decided to use a technique I've read about lots of places... routing the gussets flush with the cap strips. Success... but it was a little more involved.

I'll cut to the punch line: get the Freud 64-100 router bit. it has a solid top but it cuts flush with the rotar cutter below it. You cannot use a bit with a roller bearing on it.

An interesting observation... building airplanes is not only the construction and assembly of the plane, but also hunting down tons of itty bitty parts necessary to get the job done. I've got four hours of labor wrapped up in finding and getting the right router bit. If I had known exactly which one to get, and where, ahead of time, three hours would have gone into building the ribs that instead went to hunting done the bits.

The great news is that once installed, the router did the job perfectly and each rib was done in less than four minutes. Easy stufff.
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The Freud 64-100 router bit is perfect.

The Freud 64-100 router bit is perfect.

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