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Date:  4-27-2009
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Tools and Materials for Building a Rib

There are loads of places you can learn how to build ribs. But building a wing from Bill Scheunemann's kits is a little different... the problem is that his kit is so complete that you'll save a number of steps. Also, I'm sort of particular so I've pestered Bill with loads of questions. I'm sure he's sick of them already. However, I have promised him that any question he answers will be explained on this build site so he doesn't have to go through this dance again with the next builder. Here we go.

Bill recommended I contact John Greer at Aeromarine Products ( and buy my epoxy from them. It's identical to T-88 with a different lable. And 50% less money. Also, John Greer is terrific to deal with. The #11 hardener and the #300 resin are what you want. Mix ratio is 1-1 by volume and it's just like T-88. For additional information on T-88 see my rant about the Biplane Forum in "Miscellaneous."

The #22 hardener is combined with the #300 resin to make a clearcoat. It works very nicely and flows out well. I've used it to coat the insides of the gussets on the aft end of the ribs. To learn more about clearcoat and the purpose for it, read the Biplane Forums Skybolt Manual. There's an excellent presentation on it - and the alternatives available.

Required tools are pretty simple: Exacto miter box and saw, a sander (with a disc preferably), and a pneumatic stapler. On this I once again deferred to Bill's advice. I figure if he makes his living makiing wings for people then he probably knows which tools are better than others. He recommended the Senco SFW10XP. When you search for that online, you'll find there are a dozen variations on that stapler. It can never be simple, can it? Another call to Bill produced the answer. Get the one that shoots 3/16" crown (wide) staples that are 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. 22 gauge. It's the A model. See photo 2 for the goodies. You can find this nailer at
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Greer Epoxy from

Greer Epoxy from

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Not too many tools to build a rib.  pretty simple.

Not too many tools to build a rib. pretty simple.

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