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Date:  6-25-2017
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  3D model

Scott drove to get me from my mother-in-law's house on Sunday. If you offer to participate in this project, watch out because he will track you down if you don't show up. :-)

Sundays work well for me. Also, since I live close, I could probably meet any of you almost anytime that works for you. Scott is there M-W I think, and at other times when he's bored. Reply back and let us know when you are available.

Weekly? Monthly? Daily when your chores are done and your room is clean?

Drawing update: Yesterday I changed the tube sizes in the drawing to the correct ones. The hard part was done, so that only took 16 minutes. The tube ends are not trimmed in the drawing yet, but that's a detail for later. My goal in modeling this is mostly to help me check off that all of the drawing details are all in the actual fuselage. As I comb through the drawings, I learn the details better and ultimately end up with a 3D model to compare to the actual. Sorry to repeat some of these words here, but I added Steve and Lorna Meyer to the email and want everyone up to speed.

If you don't want to be emailed this info in the future, you can register your complaint with Gregg or call 1-800-SUCK-IT. Actually, I'll probably put this info on the website and maybe send a quick email to notify of an update there.

If you want to see the current file, go to:

Download it again to get the latest version then open it from your desktop or downloads folder (not from your browser). If the screen says "ENABLE 3D VIEWING", you are using your browser. I don't know when 3D pdf files will open on browsers, but for now they don't work. Once openned correcty, you'll see a "picture" of a fuselage on the screen. But it is actually a 3D model you can manipulate. Use your mouse buttons or wheel + ctrl or shift or alt to rotate, pan, and zoom. Try every combination of buttons, you won't break anything and you'll be "flying" it around in no time.
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