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EAA 919 Member Projects
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Date:  11-18-2016
Number of Hours:  0.20
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Brief Description:  EAA 919 mtg - WAG Aero Cubby project

Subject of WAG Aero Cubby project revisited by Mike Thern. Main contact, Terry Hamilton, has been busy with farm harvest, but that is winding down and transfer of project to Chapter 919 could happen in next few months.

Hangar space is available in Rushford. One request by Austin chapter is that they would like to be able to visit and participate in the project.

Further discussion emphasized that welding expertise will be needed. Courses at Minnesota SE Technical College are probably available and Dan Bass mentioned that the EAA typically sponsors welding workshops during winter at Oshkosh. Mike has oxy-acetylene experience with steel and aluminum. Others have family members that are skilled at welding. Estimated cost for “good” TIG welder and torch is $2000. Interested members would get training, then practice and demonstrate proficiency on scraps prior to working on the plane project, itself.
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