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Don Schwanke's Air Force One
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Date:  12-14-2010
Number of Hours:  0.05
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Brief Description:  More Tools

It takes 8 weeks to get the kit materials from Vans, and it takes about that long to accumulate all the tools you need, even if you thought you already had a lot of tools. I always thought you pounded the heck out of a rivet until it was smashed and tight, that is how we did it back on the farm. On this plane you don't pound a single rivet, they are all "Pulled" or "Squeezed" Pulling is what you do to the "pop" rivets, and "squeeze" is what you do with the other kinds. I bought a pneumatic squeezer to save my old hands, but I was told I needed a hand squeezer as well, so today I bought this little gem. Hope it comes with instructions.
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