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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  7-10-2019
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Installed GDUs & GTN. First Power to Panel

Installed the GDU 460 PFDs & 465 MFD. The Garmin provided screws are too short for the bottom 2 holes on the PFDs, due to the thickness of the avionics trays. Temporarily mounted with round head screws with a layer of duct tape to protect the panel finish.

Developed a 3 page written power on sequence to bring the panel on in a logical maner while testing the various components. Determined which circuit breakers I didn't want to close/energize at this time and marked those breakers with painters tape.

Followed the written power on sequence. No short circuits or smoke. Most of the systems appear to work properly.

Had a number of LRUs not responding, but likely due to the CAN Bus not being properly terminated due to the lack of the GMU & Roll servos which will be in the right wing, and not having installed the G5 at the other end of the bus (need to figure ot how to mount it on top of the glare shield. Result was 100% communication failure on the CAN Bus.

Seat heaters not getting power. I suspect the circuit breaker is bad, since there wasn't even power at the fuse terminals just a few inches downtream of the breaker.

Removed the MFD in order to access the wiring coiled for the G5. Spliced the CAN Bus wires together that will eventually connect to the G5, so that the forward end of the CAN Bus will be properly terminated on a temporary basis. Crimped terminals onto the CAN Bus wire at the right wing root that will run to the GMU, and inserted into a DB9 connector. Attached a Garmin CAN Terminator to this DB9 to temporarily terminate the aft end of the CAN Bus. Will re-test tomorrow.
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