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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  4-8-2019
Number of Hours:  8.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  GAD 29; GEA 24 P241; GMC 305 Wiring

Wired the GAD 29 connectors, the GEA 24 connector P241, and the GMC 305 connector.

Only had to measure, cut, and add to the layout board for the power conductors for the above. The multi-conductor wires were already in-place from wiring the earlier LRU connectors.

Also measured, cut, and added to the layout board the shielded pairs from GEA 24 connector P244 to the Master Warning and Master Caution lights. Added the pins to these wires but did not install them in the P244 connector as all of the other P244 wiring will need to be installed in the aircraft where the wires for these have already been installed.

Realized when I started to crimp the pins for the GMC 305 that I had used the wrong pins on the GAD 29 P292 connector. I realized this when I opened another bag of pins and they didn't fit in the DMC crimper positioner as the pins were too large. Checked the manual and realized that I had used the size #22 pins on the GAD 29 connector when they should have been size #20 pins which get crimped using the K-13-1 positioner. I had noticed that the pins seemed loose when installing them into the GAD 29 P292 connector shell, but didn't realize why until I tried to install a #20 pin with the K-44 positioner and it wouldn't fit inside the positioner.

Completed the GMC 305 connector with the proper #22 pins, except for the twisted pair that comes from the GSA 28 roll servo, which will be installed in the plane since that wire has already been installed.

Will remove the incorrect pins from the GAD 29 P292 connector tomorrow and replace them with the proper size #20 pins.
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