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Dave's RV-10 Build Log
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Date:  9-11-2017
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Corrected Windscreen Gluing Error

When gluing the windscreen into the cabin top, I apparently didn't properly clamp the lower left side of the windscreen and as a result it was sitting too high in the cabin window flange. After thinking about it I decided this needed to be corrected.

I was able to cut the lower left corner of the windscreen free from the cabin top for the 12 - 14 inches required using a combination of very thin cutting disks on the Dremel tool. I was then able to carefully pull the windscreen away from the cabin top enough to grind out the epoxy adhesive using a combination of a small sanding drum on the Dremel tool, a razor knife, a very thin putty knife, several different files, and course sandpaper.

Once the area of the problem had been cleared of old adhesive, I prepared it for re-gluing by cleaning it with acetone. Then through experimenting I found that the 5 vice-grip "welding clamps" that I purchased and used to hold the cabin top in place while drilling the holes for the mounting bolts would fit around the fiberglass door opening and clamp the windscreen into the cabin top window flange.

I then applied Lord epoxy adhesive into the area requireing re-attachment and clamped the windscreen down into place in the window flange. I left the windscreen clamped overnight to fully cure.
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