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Dans RV8
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Date:  4-22-2007
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  Oxygen
Brief Description:  Running Tubing

I reviewed the placement of the oxygen outlets with Charles and drilled and mounted the outlets. I didn't like the way that the threads protruded through the bulkheads, so I made a washer out of some HMWA.

Next, I drilled holes for the 1/8" copper feed lines. I mounted the filler abeam the rear seat, outside the rear baggage area. This will allow the pressure gage to be seen by the rear passenger.

We decided not to use the front pressure gage. I am not wild about running more hi pressure line in the cabin. It is difficult to prevent chafing. Instead, we are going to use a very accurate pressure sensor and feed it into the EIS to report pressure.

I scrounged a few fittings from one of my customers, DPS, who uses 1/8" tubing by the mile in their Gas Chromatographs.
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