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Date:  4-17-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Weight & Balance, Throttle Cable

1. Weight Check.
Status: With the engine installed and in level flight the current weight is approximately:

Right wheel: 313 lbs
Left Wheel: 335 lbs
Tail Wheel: 23 lbs

Total Weight w/o fabric, Pilot & Fuel = 671 lbs

Pilot: 230 lbs
Fuel: 70 lbs
Paint: 30 lbs @ 10 lbs/gal
Fabric: 8 lbs @ 2.7 oz, 47 yards
Tail Ballast: 15 lbs

Flyoff Weight approx = 1024 lbs. I don't consider this a problem as I was concerned a lighter build would not be as stable in modest winds. Robert had mentioned the 300 lb useful load spec was minimal.

This is roughly 250 lbs heavier that the A/A spec sheet.
Pwr/Wt = 10 lbs/HP
Wing loading = 7.2 lbs/sqft

So as expected things appear a little nose heavy. The majority of the fabric and paint is behind the C.G. limit so I will need to wait a bit to calculate the exact ballast necessary in the tail.

2. Install throttle cable.
Status: Complete. I measured the distances between the quadrant and engine throttle to order a custom cable previously. I received it yesterday and installed it today. The only issue encountered was the gap in the quadrant was too narrow for a clevis pin. I ended up adding shims to the quadrant to enlarge the gap. I also used a bolt as a pin instead of a clevis pin. Unlike a clevis pin which is drilled for a cotter key the bolt is held with a lock nut and Loctite. Hopefully it will not loosen over time. The throttle action worked fine.
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Throttle Cable in Engine Compartment

Throttle Cable in Engine Compartment

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THrottle Cable at Quadrant

THrottle Cable at Quadrant

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