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Chrigels RV8 Kit Log
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Date:  2-20-2017
Number of Hours:  109.12
Manual Reference:  7-9
Brief Description:  Summary of Work on the Wing

I summarized the past work sessions on the wing because I do not have the time to do the administrative part.
So, the summary of the last 19 sessions is 109,12 hours of work on the wings.
I did all the work steps from 7-1 until 7-9 including deburring, countersinking from 2016.12.19 until 2017.02.20. I have not yet riveted any tank part, since I am awaiting the priming slot on 2017.03.23-2017.03.27.

Skin cutouts for leading edge landing lights and dynon heated pitot/AOA probe are implemented.

Pictures are available on Google Fotos: (copy/paste the link into your browser))

or checkout my Youtube Channel: (copy/paste the link into your browser)
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