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Date:  8-20-2011
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Pre Cover Inspection

Today I had my uncle, Mike Dillahunty, come over and do a pre-cover inspection on my plane. Mike is a retired A&P mechanic who worked for American Airlines for nearly 40 years. We looked at the wings that were ready to cover as well as the control surfaces that had already been covered. He inspected the glue joints that were done at the factory as well as the few that I had made. He also inspected the fuselage while I had it available, although it will be some time before I get to covering that. His comments were that things looked nice and tidey, well reinforced, the mechanical structure looked good although there were a few areas that could be sanded better so they don't rub on the fabric. He also found one edge on a fabric backing plate that did not have anti-chaffe tape so we installed some. On the control surfaces that I had already covered we looked at the fabric glue joints and some of the rib stitching that I had done. Overall he was pleased.
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