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Date:  4-4-2013
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Fuselage Final Cluster Welding - Pt 1

This is the first in what will probably prove to be MANY Fuselage Final Cluster Welding log entries. Estimates range from 40-80 hours of work. We'll see.

The rotisserie makes this job WAY easier.

I'm starting at Station J-H. Each station will be fully finish welded before moving on to the next station. After each station I'm checking to see if the tail has twisted any. I got a scare the first measurement I did. I leveled the fuselage using the cockpit door sills, then stuck a level on the rudder post. It was WAY off!!! Oh crap. Step back, breathe, think about it. I had put the level on the upper part of the rudder post, so I put it on the bit between the upper and lower longerons. it was perfect.


I look at the upper part of the tail post and could see it bent a little from the heat of finish welding. I will just reapply some heat to straighten it out and I'll be good.

Crisis averted (for now, at least)
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A random cluster to have a picture on the page :-)

A random cluster to have a picture on the page :-)

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