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Date:  2-11-2017
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  sub panel, storage bin and Smoke system work

I started the day with some fiberglass work, the subpanel must ahve gotten warm and relaxed when I set it to dry and it lost it's shape. I ended up removing a lot of the top and attempting to reofrm it. I also used foam pieces to make a mold fro my right side sotrage bin. I'm attempting to make abin big enough for a small lunch and a bottle of water for cros country flights.

Once those were set I did some more work on the smoke system. After tinkering on the location for the pump I went to Alreco(local AL supplier) and got some rather thick AL sheet for the smoke tank as well as the rear avionice bay.

I cut and drilled the smoke tank bracket, it weighs 3lbs! It has plenty of room for lightning holes I'm sure I can drop a pound if not more off of it. Luckily this will be removed with the tank when not in use.

I then prepped and epoxied the pump to the top of the smoke tank.
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