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Sonex #1506

Jeff Matson
White Lake, MI - USA
Sonex Aircraft, LLC - Sonex
AeroConversions - AeroVee 2.1
Total Build Time:

Please note that Sonex Aircraft, LLC. is not responsible for the content of My KitLog website.

Welcome to my KitLog website detailing the building of Sonex S/N 1506.

18-Apr-11 Why I chose to build a Sonex?

After flying for 11 years, in 1990, I purchased a Beachcraft Musketeer and began flying to Oshkosh AirVenture. The cost of flying was affordable enough for someone like me to own and operate an airplane like my Musketeer back then. Years later, now that I am preparing to attend my 23rd EAA Oshkosh AirVenture (22nd in a row), the cost of flying has continues to become almost out of reach for most to own and operate an aircraft like the Musketeer. Even coming up with the cash to rent an airplane for a cross country flight to a destination like AirVenture has become too expensive to do on a yearly basis.

Keeping an aircraft like the Musketeer fed at 9 – 10 gallons of fuel/hr times the continuing upward cost of Avgas alone is a major cost. Not to mention the cost of everything else associated with owning a certified aircraft that you cannot just work on yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my Musketeer. We owned the plane for over 5 years and put over 350 hours on it. We use to fly the Musketeer everywhere, the Bahamas, Canada, etc.

About six AirVentures ago was when I first noticed the Sonex and became very interested in the airplane. What can I say? Sexy, lower cost to build, maintain and fly airplane that so far everyone that I talk to only has good thing to say about it. Just go to the Sonex Workshop and listen or talk to the people at Sonex to learn the philosophy behind everything that makes up Sonex Aircraft, LLC. and you will understand. I look forward to my long journey to build and to fly my own aircraft. Hopefully my web pages will help you to become interested in the construction of your own plane. Go to the Sonex website for the most accurate specs and info on the Sonex lineup of products.

Feel free get in touch if you have any questions, advice to offer or just want to say Howdy!

My name is Jeff Matson and I am a first time builder with no previous experience in sheet metal or aircraft construction.

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