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Too Many P's

Louis Casella
Brick, NJ -
- Pietenpol Aircamper
Rotec - R-2800
Total Build Time:
14 Hours

On a calm spring Minnesota morning in 1929 Bernard H. Pietenpol made the first flight in a homebuilt Model A powered airplane of his own design. Three years later due to his perseverance and a stroke of luck the plans for his creation would be published in Modern Mechanics magazine. Today hundreds of Aircampers; a name given to the craft by the magazine's editor, have been built.

As part of the FAA's airworthiness certification the builder must provide a record proving at least 51% of the aircraft was constructed by the applicant. An idea born at the dinner table, Too Many P's is our log for the creation and certification of one of Mr. Pietenpol's flying machines. In addition to the required log I hope to provide some entertainment and inspiration for our friends and fellow builders following the progress of the plane.

Why the name? While asking my six and three year old what color they would like for such a fine ship the answer I got was: pink, purple, platinum and possibly paisley. My answer: I can't see how we could Possibly Paint a Pietenpol Pink, Purple and Platinum with a Paisley Print, it's simply...Too Many P's

I hope you enjoy our interpretation of Bernard's creative genius. Please feel free to log on from time to time as the build grows. I welcome constructive criticism.


"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

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