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John Steere
Martinsville, IN - USA
Sport Performance Aviation LLC - Panther
Chevrolet/Steere - Corvair Conversion
TBD - TBD - Constant Pitch
Total Build Time:
1961 Hours

Welcome to my experimental aircraft website. The objective is to generate an aircraft construction log with three purposes.

First, it fulfills the FAA requirement of “maintaining a construction log for the project, including photographs showing methods of construction and workmanship during the construction.” Some of the photos will include me performing various construction operations, as evidence that it was constructed by me.

The second purpose is to serve as a future reminder to me of internal construction details when I need to service some part of the airframe, but cannot remember exactly how it went together.

The third purpose is to help others who may be interested in building a Panther to see how this builder interpreted the drawings and Builder’s Manual, and completed the assembly with the tools available.

I am a repeat offender at this business of “Experimental” aircraft construction. The first plane was a Jeenies Teenie completed in 1970, prompted by an article in Popular Mechanics.

The second plane was a BD-4 completed in 2000, using a 3.8-liter, supercharged V6 engine from a 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC. I am still flying this plane, but will probably sell it to make room in the hangar for this new Panther.

The third plane is an Ultralight of my own design that I have named Bodacious. It uses a tube and fabric airframe, a wood and fabric wing, a 37-hp ½-VW engine, and folding wings. It was completed and won the Silver Lindy award at Oshkosh in the Ultralight category in 2012. I am also still flying this plane because it is a lot of fun and burns less than two gallons per hour of auto fuel.

This fourth plane will be a Panther, a new design by Dan Weseman of Sport Performance Aviation LLC ( Dan along with his wife and business partner Rachel, describe the Panther as the "Burger King of airplanes" for its "have it your way" options. The aircraft's design flexibility allows builders to choose from several engines, landing gear configuration, three wing lengths, open or enclosed cockpit, and kit or plans/kit combination. The Panther looks similar to an RV-3, a nice looking airplane, but I think the lines of the Panther are even better. Unlike the RV-3, the Panther cockpit is downright roomy with significant adjustability in the rudder pedals and seat.

The version of the Panther I will build fits into the LSA category, is configured as a low wing tail-dragger, and will use a 3.0-Liter William Wynne Corvair engine conversion (,) with a fifth-bearing on the propeller end, also designed and supplied by Dan. The wings can be folded alongside the fuselage for economical storage, and the plane is strong enough for mild aerobatics.

Chronologically the latest entry is at the top. You can choose the category that you want to view by clicking on your choice from the “Category” column in the upper right corner. You can “mouse” over the photos or “Details” for each entry to see a larger photo, or the written log for the entry.

If you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me by clicking on “Contact Builder” in the upper left hand corner

The details of my Panther build follow:

Recent Activity
 Date Hours Work Log Summary Details
Paint Session #10

Paint Sessions 8 And 9

Paint Session Seven & Fuselage Masking

Sixth Paint Session

Fourth And Fifth Paint Shoot

Second And Third Paint Session

First Paint Session

Paint Prep

Paint Material, Equipment, And Process

Wheel Pant And Spinner Paint Fixtures

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